Commentary: Tablets From Above

My thoughts on another blog post that Bob Sacks mentioned in one of his January 8, 2010, emails.

I think Jeff is dead-on about the future of what defines a magazine: Edited, paginated collection of content with artful presentation. While I agree, I am also sad. We’re in deep water as citizens if we only read the topics (sports) or articles (another entertainer adopts foreign-born child) that are on the top of our minds – so I hope what does stay relevant and demanded is an edited collection of content designed to inform, enlighten and entertain. Print newspapers are so convenient and cheap (or free) that essentially every American can afford the time and money to read at least 2-3 days per week. What happens to our literacy and democracy when news is less accessible?

Personally, I detest reading the my favorite newspaper’s website on a netbook. I’m constrained by the website’s layout and the connection/device speed. On a netbook, just like my iPhone, I don’t want artful presentation – just a purposefully edited collection of content.


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